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Pool at Woodlands at Webb Bridge

The pool is operated for the enjoyment of all Homes Association members in good standing. For everyone's enjoyment, it is essential that all members abide by the pool Rules and Regulations, which have been established for safety reasons as well as out of consideration for all members, whether they use the pool or not. This is a private community pool; keep your gate card safe. Sharing your card with unauthorized users is unfair to the entire community and is an abuse of pool privileges. 
For the enjoyment of all of our residents please familiarize yourself and your family with the pool rules. See link below or access Pool Rules from the Documents tab.
Quick FAQs:
•     Swipe cards replace pin code entry.
•     One card will be issued for free to every household in good standing who completes an acknowledgement form. Only one card will be issued per household.
•     Each card is uniquely numbered and permanently assigned to a specific household. You will use the card every year; all homeowners current on dues and assessments will have their cards activated from year to year.
•     Lost, stolen and damaged cards are the residents' responsibility Replacement cards are available for a fee. The fee covers the cost of the card as well as the time it takes for a volunteer to disable the old card, reissue a new one and go to the pool to update the system. Please, take care of your card.
•     Swipe card access maybe temporarily suspended for delinquent dues or pool rule violations.
•     Cards belonging to homeowners who sell their homes will be permanently deactivated. New residents must provide signed acknowledgement forms to receive their card.
•     Only adult household members can pick up the cards and sign acknowledgement forms.
•     The swipe card system works! It has helped us curb trespassing abuses, minimize vandalism and damage at the pool. Unfortunately, with the pin-code system, access was too easily achieved by people who were not sponsored guests nor HOA residents. Eliminating vandalism keeps YOUR association dues down.
•     The card allows access to the pool during operation hours only. 

Report lost, stolen or damaged cards to Access Management.If you have concerns, suggestions or would like to volunteer for the Swimming Pool Committee, contact Kim at Access Management or  e-mail the HOA Board.

Important Information

Hours: 10am-10pm

Opens: May 27, 2017

Closes: September 4, 2017

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